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  • Warning! Contains Bears

    Warning! Contains Bears

    How many bears do you expect? Bears may have dominated social media discussion recently and I’m sure people have plenty of reasons for “picking the bear” so I’m not going to try and tie this in, but have you ever considered bears? I hadn’t really until I happened to read a random billboard featuring the…

  • A Guard’s Refrain – OUT NOW!

    A Guard’s Refrain – OUT NOW!

    Treat Your Geek are proud to be the home of many creative people, the foremost being our founder, Mashashy aka Ash Hester, the author of The Light of Miera.

  • Courtney Collins – Interview

    Courtney Collins – Interview

    Whilst strolling through the enchanted forests of some unnamed land, I was fortunate enough to stumble across a wild fantasy author who agreed to sit down and talk with us for a while. Courtney Collins is the co-author behind the upcoming epic fantasy Vows & Valor series. Writing with her husband, Clarke Collins, they have…

  • Wales Comic Con 2024

    Wales Comic Con 2024

    Wales Comic Con was held at Wrexham University this year and TYG managed to infiltrate to take some shots of the cosplays wandering the show floor. photos courtesy of R. Beddoes This was just some of the cosplayers that were about on the Saturday, did you attend? do you have a favourite costume? Sound out…

  • ArtWomble – Artist Interview

    ArtWomble – Artist Interview

    We took our giant butterfly nets out on Wimbledon Common and wrangled ourselves an ArtWomble who was happy enough to come answer a few of our questions…

  • Wales Comic Con

    Wales Comic Con

    Armed with a camera we tackled Comic Con Wales to look at some of the cosplays displayed by the convention goers this year.

  • The Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn – Review

    The Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn – Review

    Author: Scruff_XD Manufacturer: Nerf/Hasbro As part of their 30th Anniversary Bungie teamed up with Nerf/Hasbro to recreate one of Destiny 2’s more iconic weapons, the Gjallarhorn. In game it is a rocket launcher made from the armour of fallen heroes and launched a devastating payload that melted a boss. It was broken! So much so…