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  • Fallout – Should they have stayed in the vault? – Review

    Fallout – Should they have stayed in the vault? – Review

    Based on the game series of the same name by Interplay/Bethesda, Fallout sees us plunged 200 years into the future after the Earth was devastated by nuclear war.

  • Adaptations in all but name

    Adaptations in all but name

    With the breakout success of Helldivers II, I revisited the movie Starship Troopers. Aside from the main premise, shooting bugs on alien worlds, the two properties share quite a few more similarities, parodying the war economy satirising propaganda and “managed democracy” so much so that aside from the name Helldivers II is a perfect game adaptation of the movie…

  • Echo (series) – Review

    Echo (series) – Review

    I’m not quite feeling the same Marvel fatigue as others seem to be, but I can understand how the sheer volume of shows and movies coupled with an incredible variation in quality can put people off. Especially with yet another show spun off from an earlier one with a relatively more obscure character in the…

  • The Tuvok-verse. The Star Trek Fan-films Directed by Tim Russ

    The Tuvok-verse. The Star Trek Fan-films Directed by Tim Russ

    I love a good rabbit hole, to me they are fascinating. I feel like an archaeologist discovering a hidden culture and who has to explore every facet and origin.  So, I was exploring IMDB searching for Star Trek media, when I came across a series called Star Trek Renegades from 2015. Not knowing what it…

  • Echo (series) – Review

    Echo (series) – Review

    After the superhero burnout that is the fourth phase of the MCU, it’s understandable if yet another Disney Marvel series pops up, you’d be less than even mildly bothered at all. Enter Echo, the latest addition to an already overflowing raft of Marvel episodic cannon. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredible time for quality…

  • Zom100: Bucket List of the Dead (Netflix Film) – Review

    Zom100: Bucket List of the Dead (Netflix Film) – Review

    Zom100 fans were eating well in 2023, with not only the manga getting licensed but also a twelve-episode anime and this live-action film from Netflix. After watching the anime as it aired I decided to check out this film to see how such a vibrant and “animated” series could translate into live action. Akira Tendo…

  • Yu Yu Hakusho – Review

    Yu Yu Hakusho – Review

    It’s been a spotty run for live-action adaptations of anime and manga over the years, with the likes of Dragon Ball Evolution and Ghost in the Shell being the rallying cry of those burned by these efforts. However, Netflix has taken up the mantle of producing more of these adaptations and, after the success of…

  • Takeshi’s Castle – Review

    Takeshi’s Castle – Review

    Hey, do you remember Takeshi’s Castle? I remember it from the mid-2000s. It took footage of a Japanese gameshow and locked it in an audio recording booth with Red Dwarf’s Craig Charles. Contestants would compete in knockout rounds for a chance to take on Takeshi and win… something. Not sure I ever saw anyone win.…

  • Paradise – Review

    Paradise – Review

    Would you give up a decade of your life for financial stability for the rest of it? This is the question Paradise begins with, offering struggling families an option out of poverty in exchange for an unlived lifetime to be given to the wealthy, providing of course they are a genetic match.