Echo (series) – Review

I’m not quite feeling the same Marvel fatigue as others seem to be, but I can understand how the sheer volume of shows and movies coupled with an incredible variation in quality can put people off. Especially with yet another show spun off from an earlier one with a relatively more obscure character in the spotlight. Talking of, Echo is the first show under the MCU’s new “Spotlight” label. Set up to help bring in a more mature tone, so far the label feels much closer to Netflix’s Marvel shows.

Maya Lopez "Echo" sat with one knee up in front a shipping container.

The first episode sets the scene for anyone who missed/forgot the Hawkeye series. I have some concerns though. It’s still pretty disjointed for anyone that isn’t familiar with Echo’s first appearance but it’s not difficult to follow. After her face-off with Wilson Fisk, Maya Lopez “Echo”, finds herself back in her home-town as she seeks to wrest the crime throne from the Kingpin.

After a traumatic childhood, Maya is cut off from her friends, family and Native heritage but being back home forces her to reconnect with each of them. This makes for a grounded and relatable story despite Maya not seeming like a very good person and I still found myself rooting for her as Kingpin’s men catch up with her. 

The supporting characters are also well written, complex and likeable to the I was worried for their safety. Vincent D’Onofrio returns to the role of Fisk too, he is not so likeable, but it’s a powerful and unnerving performance, so glad they brought him back from the Netflix shows. Alaqua Cox plays Maya with mostly subtle but intentional emotion and like the character. She is also native, deaf and an amputee. It seems like Marvel can produce good minority representation. 

I have to admit I was surprised by the quality of this five-episode series. It’s just long enough to tell its story and develop its characters. The cinematography shines without relying on muddy CGI and fights are choreographed with real impact not too unlike those in the Netflix Daredevil series. Meanwhile, the sound design is on another level putting viewers into Echo’s shoes by being muted at key moments. Then there’s the soundtrack, there is some really stirring stuff including Native music, which isn’t something I have heard much of.

Echo is a breath of darker, grittier fresh air for the MCU. The lower but more personal stakes feel like the way forward for the MCU. I wish they would give me more of these diverse grounded characters that I can care about! 

Feeling burnt out from superhero stories or just Marvel in general? Give Echo a try on Disney+. It’s fine to skip the Hawkeye series that introduces the main character, it’s got a very different energy.

9/10 star rating






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