Echo (series) – Review

After the superhero burnout that is the fourth phase of the MCU, it’s understandable if yet another Disney Marvel series pops up, you’d be less than even mildly bothered at all.

Fisk and a young Echo rear-view image as they pass by a sad ice cream cart

Enter Echo, the latest addition to an already overflowing raft of Marvel episodic cannon. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredible time for quality fantasy and sci-fi shows on the small screen, but we are becoming exhausted with superheroes who can do almost anything and never die. Yes, I’m looking at you Loki – I love you Tom, but I can’t feel worried for you anymore. I know he’s a God, but even his adopted mum and dad had the decency to bite the bullet.

echo's ancestor with blood on her face

So, Echo, what a fabulous breath of fresh air. If you’re not familiar with the title character, her power is the echo of all her past Choctaw ancestral mothers. This goes back to the original Choctaw mother, giving Echo access to all their abilities. Refreshingly there’s no flying, shape-shifting or laser eyes in sight.

echo on her motorbike

Echo actually first appeared in the non-superpowered Hawkeye series in 2021. Although this sets the character apart from the impossible attributes of a Superhero, like Black Widow & Hawkeye. What really covers new ground is that we have not only a Native American character but also a deaf amputee as the main character. This combined with some of the best characters from the Netflix series, like Daredevil & Fisk, you’ve got a really good recipe for this spin-off series.

a character with a gun and a cute panda tattoo on her collarbone

As this is their origin story it will be interesting to see how it expands, hopefully cancellation-free. If you liked The Punisher & Daredevil’s more mature approach this is the show for you.

10/10 star rating





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