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Good Omens s2 – Review

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett might have only ever released one book for Good Omens but the live-action adaptation now has a second season on Prime Video.

Luckily Neil was fully on board and was able to utilise ideas he had discussed with Terry, and to be fair you can feel Pratchett’s influence on the writing and overall themes through the entire series. 

David Tenant and Michael Sheen are back as the demon Crawley and the angel Aziraphale. They were standouts of season one but now it really is their show with the story focusing on their relationship and also on how they handle the disappearance of the angel Gabrielle and another potential Apocalypse. They’re delightful to watch, really bringing the characters to life. It’s a good thing they’re the intentional focus of the show otherwise it’d feel like they’re carrying everything else. 

There’s humour, subversion, deeper messages and some Big Character Moments. There might have been some hijinks and some irreverent anti-establishment but that finale had such a grounded and emotional conclusion it’d be worth watching a much lower-calibre show just for that. 

There is a certain surreal, stage-like quality to production which kind of works but I’m not really a fan of it. The writing and main performances are well above the average Dr Who episode but there’s still that “cardboard sets” feeling. I’m also stoked we have another show that’s not afraid to elevate its LGBTQ themes beyond subtext. 

8/10 star rating






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