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Gran Turismo – Review

When anyone mentions Grand Turismo it instantly conjures up images of racing games. Those in that arena know it’s a classic simulation that has matured into one of the best available. You may also have been around when Nissan decided to launch a competition to take the best simulation drivers into the real world of racing. 

When Sony announced they were going to make a movie of the game I gave it little attention. Yet another game-to-movie adaptation that might fill an empty Sunday afternoon once it’s released online. It’s no bad thing to go into a film with low expectations, it’s unlikely to disappoint. So grab some popcorn with me on a wet Sunday afternoon, and let’s take this film for a drive. 

man in a headset and white shirt claps
high end racing car with cameras mounted onto it

At first glance, we have what looks like a very expensive two-hour advertisement for Grand Turismo from Sony. My first disappointment was the total lack of Welsh accents from the family at the heart of the story. Fair enough, only people from the UK would notice this, but it set a low bar for expectations. 

Billed as a true story, it does lift it out of the normal game-to-movie adaptation. What I didn’t expect was how Neill Blomkamp, the well-known director of District 9, would bring the drama and excitement to goosebumps levels. Once away from the 1st act of setting up the characters it really is a lesson in modern docu-drama filmmaking. They bring the world of racing, both simulated and reality together in a very unique way. This film is punching way above its weight for what could have been just another fun ride without much context. 

close up head shot of a serious looking driver

I would recommend this film to anyone with an interest in real-world racing, certainly not just those into simulation games or the history of Grand Turismo. Strap yourself in for a high-octane few hours of great filmmaking. 

9/10 star rating





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