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Sketch Quest is our creative program over on YouTube where we work to improve our artistic skills.

art wombles avatar

Art Womble
Artist, animator and character artist, you can find ArtWomble streaming on Twitch, doing commissions and playing Gartic games with the community.

liam shaw self portarait

Liam Shaw Illustration
Liam Shaw is the talented artist behind many book covers, including our very own Ash Hester, and his art has been featured in a huge number of official booklets including Star Wars and Firefly.

lost havens avatar

Lost Haven Art
Lost Haven is a Scottish artist who specialises in designs and illustrations of all things within the TTRPG community. His recent KickStarter for his own TTRPG, Abbadon, was a roaring success.

JLPs avatar

J.L.Phillips Creations
JLP is the incredible artist behind the UwU Crew avatars. Her talents span from 2D to 3D as she continues to diversify and expand her knowledge.

Below you can find a list of resources we used throughout Sketch Quest.

squiggles for the challenge
a face base
face shape examples
eye tutorial
body base
body base with face
draw in your style challenge
character breakdown