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  • Warning! Contains Bears

    Warning! Contains Bears

    How many bears do you expect? Bears may have dominated social media discussion recently and I’m sure people have plenty of reasons for “picking the bear” so I’m not going to try and tie this in, but have you ever considered bears? I hadn’t really until I happened to read a random billboard featuring the…

  • Adaptations in all but name

    Adaptations in all but name

    With the breakout success of Helldivers II, I revisited the movie Starship Troopers. Aside from the main premise, shooting bugs on alien worlds, the two properties share quite a few more similarities, parodying the war economy satirising propaganda and “managed democracy” so much so that aside from the name Helldivers II is a perfect game adaptation of the movie…

  • My Problem With Palworld

    My Problem With Palworld

    We here at TYG are always looking for the next great multiplayer game and the opportunity presented by Palworld was one we were much anticipating. Combining the survival mechanics of Ark Survival with the collect-them-all appeal of Pokémon, Palworld offers a challenging and entertaining spin on the well-loved formats, but I have one major problem…