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  • Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye

    Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye

    Most people think of VR games as either gimmick-driven or involving leaping around your living room like Tigger with a blindfold. Retropolis 2 is one of the third type: a classically “flat” genre game that has been elevated by dropping it into VR. With the number of escape room-like VR games, I guess point and…

  • Simulated Space Chaos – Space Docker VR – Review

    Simulated Space Chaos – Space Docker VR – Review

    My PSVR2 may not be covered in dust, but my PlayStation HOTAS certainly was until I discovered Space Docker VR. It has been out a while but still provides a unique experience on PSVR2—space flight, complete with Newtonian laws of physics.

  • Under Cover -Meta Quest 2- Review

    Under Cover -Meta Quest 2- Review

    Light gun games or on-rail shooters were a staple of any arcade in the 90s. From games like Mad Dog McCree, House of the Dead and Virtua Cop, one particular stand-out title was Namco’s Time Crisis which included a pedal you used to duck and reload adding a new gameplay element rather than just stand there and shoot. The home market…

  • Vertigo 2 – Review

    Vertigo 2 – Review

    The first Vertigo never made it to PlayStation but the sequel from a one-man development studio has just ported PSVR2.  Vertigo 2 is a First Person Shooter that sees you trapped on a planet of very alien aliens. There’s something of a Half-Life meets Rick and Morty vibe with your silent protagonist and strange goings…

  • Towers and Powers – Review

    Towers and Powers – Review

    Towers and Powers is a VR tower defence game with some interesting mechanics of its own. From your godlike position up above, you’ll build towers by purchasing some citizens and placing them on predetermined platforms. Each little guy has a different profession and so builds a different tower with different strengths and weaknesses, as you’d…

  • Kill it With Fire VR – Review

    Kill it With Fire VR – Review

    It’s time to take the fight back to the arachnids, only this time they’re all around you. I reviewed the flat version of Kill It With Fire fairly favourably. It was straightforward arcadey destruction, a fun distraction. This VR release is on one virtual hand pretty much the same game, but on the other disembodied…

  • Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure – Review

    Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure – Review

    Hurtling through space, you’re on the run from the Empire. You’ve stolen a unique fuel source and they are in hot pursuit. You’re trying to stabilise your systems whilst getting shot up, powers running dry and things are looking dire. Welcome to Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure.

  • Tin Can – Review

    Tin Can – Review

    Do you want to go to Space? I want to go to space, maybe not like this though. Floating in a tin can, surrounded by an infinite void and certain death is not my idea of a good time. However, it does make for a neat game concept.

  • VR Skater – Review

    VR Skater – Review

    VR certainly excels at making people feel cool while making them look really not. That said I doubt I’d look particularly cool tripping over my own knees 50 times trying to operate a real-life skateboard. Wiping out 50 times in VR is much less embarrassing… and less painful.