The Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn – Review

Author: Scruff_XD

Manufacturer: Nerf/Hasbro

As part of their 30th Anniversary Bungie teamed up with Nerf/Hasbro to recreate one of Destiny 2’s more iconic weapons, the Gjallarhorn.

In game it is a rocket launcher made from the armour of fallen heroes and launched a devastating payload that melted a boss. It was broken! So much so that it had to be removed from the game for a time. However, with the anniversary, the gun was re-introduced to the game alongside the offer to pre-purchase the first wave of Nerf reproductions. So obviously I had to get one.

the Box it came in was fancy as well

The Gjallarhorn box has some ornately designed artwork making itself something of a collectors piece as well, the box also proudly boasts a zero plastic packaging.

After opening the box, the gun itself was in four easily assembled parts and the instructions were even done with the same artwork of the outer box itself.

Aesthetically the Gun looks very accurate to its in-game model (albeit in Nerf colours) with its ornate wolf designs plastered all over it and is replicated 1:1 in scale coming in at just over 4 feet long. There is also an optional light in the sight which requires AA batteries. Nerf even designed a unique hard shell ammo case which can load 3 regular Nerf darts to replicate the in-game loading animation and multi-rocket function.

the Shells it fires, each loaded with three nerf bullets

The material feels very solid and construction is excellent, the weight however comes in just shy of 2kg/4lb making it very uncomfortable to carry for extended periods of time. The reloading although being accurate to the game is cumbersome. Having to push the entire top half forward to expose the cases and engaging the firing mechanism can be beyond some peoples strength.

As a toy I would not recommend, its pricey, weighty and would not do well in play, but as a collectors piece it looks impressive and stand out in your collection, providing you can find an area big enough. You may also wish to find a custom stand as sadly it doesn’t come with one, mine currently living propped up against my table for now.

You can order from Bungiestore website with a rrp €209.00/$185.00

Collectible Rating
: 9/10

Toy Rating: 3/10





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