The Machine – Review

If you are aware of the stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer, AKA ‘The Machine’ you should give this movie a whirl. It’s not going to get any awards, it’s just a fun romp with your brain switched off. The added bonus of Mark Hamill playing Bert Kreischer’s father, at one point spaced out on narcotics, is worth the admission price alone in my humble opinion.

a bloodied Bert, his dad (hamil) and a tough lady Irina

For those who have no idea who Bert Kreischer is, you might want to Google The Machine Russian mafia’ as this stand-up routine of his is the basis of the plot. It’s not a prerequisite but will give you a good idea of what you’re letting yourself in for; it’s definitely not suitable for those under eighteen.

the machine lighting a cigar with a blow torch

The movie opens with Bert’s stand-up, giving a nice introduction to his world. A montage of some of his home life and stage life spills into the start of the film. Interestingly the beginning is a real teardown of a failing father, this is actually quite hard to watch at times. Luckily this setup is broken within the first twenty minutes.

the machine hitting a mafia man

We get introduced to the young Bert via flashbacks which are interwoven throughout the rest of the movie. This is done in a few different styles depending on the moment leading up to them. The director, Peter Atencio, adds some finesse here to an otherwise basic dark comedy.

Bert and his Dad beaten and bloodied

The main story revolves around a stolen watch which belonged to a Russian mafia boss. Upon seeing Bert’s standup on TV they kidnap him and his father, taking them back to Russia to find the watch. The ensuing romp is filled with some great comedic violence but falls short of handling the switch between the more serious scenes. Overall a fun experience with some rough edges that keep it from being a classic.






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