Treat Your Geek is a community run project lucky to include a vast range of artists and content creators from around the planet. Our goal is to spread creativity and share positivity with a strong dose of nerdy content all the while showcasing the incredible talents we find along the way.

Here you will find some of the people we have worked alongside and are proud to know. Please consider checking them out!

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Ampersand D20

Looking for some TTRPG inspired content? Then look no further than Ampersand Productions!

Ampersand Productions has something for everyone. Cyber heists, who dunnits, historical wonders and more chaos you can shake a long sword at. 

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The Gonkey Army

The Gonkey Army is an incredible community, spearheaded by K_of_Double_K. Having worked closely together on many occasions, their unique brand of chaos is a perfect match for Treat Your Geek and we hope you check them out!

Twitch –

Evil Genius Inc.

The creator of chaos himself, Evil Tweedle is a Stream-Bot wizard and has graciously offered to share some of his streamer tools and assets for people to add into their own streams.

Twitch –

Evil Genius Stream Resources –

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J.L.Phillips Creations

J.L.Phillips Creations is the incredible artist behind many of our streamers emotes and avatars.

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Sun Turret

Sun Turret provides much of the musical accompaniment to many of our YouTube shows and streams, bringing you the very best dreampop, vaporwave, lo-fi, and experimental electronic music.

Website –

The Last Knights

Imagine playing a strategy game like risk, but instead of controlling an entire side you only control one of the armies. You can advance your own character but you can only achieve something as a group.

Are you a born leader, a motivator or a reliable force that can be counted upon when things get rough? Find your place in the TLK world and make new friends!

Website –

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Womble is a super talented artist from Wales who has worked on a number of TYG projects including emotes, animated overlays and even the cover art of books.