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The Treat Your Geek team work together on a large variety of different shows and podcasts to keep you entertained. You can find these and more on our YouTube channel.

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Extreme HouseFlipper TYG Edition
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Trash Or Treasure

In our YouTube series Trash or Treasure, we take games from the online sales and see if we can find game gold.

Extreme House Flipper TYG Edition

We are proud to introduce, Extreme House Flipper TYG Edition! Yes, it’s exactly what you think it’s going to be. We’re pitting our TYG team members against each other in a battle of design and style to see who is the ultimate house flipper!

Pengy’s Podcast

We released Pengy out into the wild with a microphone and a handful of topics and this is the result. Everything from anime to video games no topic is safe. Featuring music and guests from our wonderful TYG community.

YouTube Playlist – here

Other Projects

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Sketch Quest

Become an artistic legend and paint for the Gods with TYG’s Sketch Quest. Are you looking to hone your artistic skills? Or are you just beginning your journey? Join in our adventure with this series of tutorials designed to help improve and polish your craft, and hopefully have a bit of fun along the way.

YouTube Playlist – here
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The TYG Pokémon Relay – COMPLETED

Welcome to the TYG Pokémon Relay! The rules are simple. Our players get 1 hour each. Any Ko’d Pokémon is to be released immediately. And Each player may only use save per turn. If a players team is wiped out they must end their turn and pass the save on to the next player and Each player gets one do over per season.

YouTube Playlist – here

Treat Your Geek Magazine

TYG began life as a magazine and you can still find all of them on Amazon Kindle

Check them out here

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Clips Shows & Trailers

YouTube Playlist – here

TYG Publishing

TYG are proud to be spearheading a whole range of literary projects. Click here to check out our current projects.

Marrowshaft Nights

YouTube Playlist – here

Coming Soon

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