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  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Review

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Review

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder takes 2D Mario in a new direction without losing what made the original games great while adding plenty of new ideas and gameplay mechanics at the same time. 

  • Sonic Superstars – Review

    Sonic Superstars – Review

    Sonic Team has done it again! And by done it again, I mean created a truly mixed bag: a game that’s great in some areas, so good that it almost makes you think Sonic is “back again”, only to sabotage itself with poorly implemented new mechanics and some baffling design decisions.

  • The Last Case of Benedict Fox – Review

    The Last Case of Benedict Fox – Review

    A man walks into a mansion late at night, his name is Benedict Fox. He has come here to find answers to a condition that is killing him, his soul is intertwined with a demon that gives him supernatural abilities like being able to see the souls of the dead. Once a member of the…

  • Zool Redimensioned – Review

    Zool Redimensioned – Review

    Zool is back! It’s been so long since we’ve seen this bouncy ninja run, slide and collect items while murdering all foes that stand in his way. Fun little tidbit, we very nearly got a Zool revival much sooner than now as back on the Wii we got a shovel-ware game titled NinjaBreadman, this was…