Zool Redimensioned – Review

Zool is back! It’s been so long since we’ve seen this bouncy ninja run, slide and collect items while murdering all foes that stand in his way. Fun little tidbit, we very nearly got a Zool revival much sooner than now as back on the Wii we got a shovel-ware game titled NinjaBreadman, this was actually a Zool title in the making until the owners of the IP was lost.

music based stage with CDs and speakers in the foreground and background

Now as gameplay goes if you’ve played the franchise before then you already know what you’re in for; high-speed platforming collecting items and bashing up monsters! It’s fast and responsive with what feels like zero input delay. This particular port is based on the Genesis/Megadrive version of the game, for those unaware the different consoles all had slight level differences between them all.

zool jumping on musical instruments and musical enemys

The music and sound design still absolutely rock even all these years later and complement the high-speed gameplay perfectly with its glorious upbeat 16-bit style symphonies.

Graphically it remains true to its 16-bit origins but with that crisp HD coat of paint. The biggest change this version includes is that there are now two modes to play through. One mode holds the original version which has the original screen size and definition and where the screen is limited. Going too fast without knowing what’s ahead can lead you into some dangerous situations, along with having to collect a set number of items before being able to leave the level and move on. Redimensioned Mode, on the other hand, pulls the camera out giving you more screen to look at to plan your strategy and take in the glory of the levels. This coupled with removing the need for set items to finish the stage and a double jump is an interesting change-up that will allow speedrunners new ways to blast through levels.

workshop aesthetics with silver for the ground and spanners with a purple backdrop

There are new gameplay accessibility options for this version to boot, such as infinite jumps and constant invincibility, which is great for gamers who struggle with fast platformers or even a lovely introduction for young gamers. My toddlers are a good example as they loved playing it, but being so young, the normal mode is a bit hard for them. After I turned on the invincibility and infinite jumps and removed the need for all the items they were storming through it with smiles all around.

candy land level with various sweets inside the ground and the enviroment

All said and done, this package is a fantastic time for those who played it back in the day, those picking it up for the first time and those wanting to show the next generation what they played when they were younger. It’s the same speedy ninja in all the wonderful worlds you will remember.

Now, if only they’d do the second one next…

9/10 star rating

Developers: Sumo Digital, Gremlin Interactive Limited

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One





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