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  • Simulated Space Chaos – Space Docker VR – Review

    Simulated Space Chaos – Space Docker VR – Review

    My PSVR2 may not be covered in dust, but my PlayStation HOTAS certainly was until I discovered Space Docker VR. It has been out a while but still provides a unique experience on PSVR2—space flight, complete with Newtonian laws of physics.

  • Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure – Review

    Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure – Review

    Hurtling through space, you’re on the run from the Empire. You’ve stolen a unique fuel source and they are in hot pursuit. You’re trying to stabilise your systems whilst getting shot up, powers running dry and things are looking dire. Welcome to Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure.

  • Tin Can – Review

    Tin Can – Review

    Do you want to go to Space? I want to go to space, maybe not like this though. Floating in a tin can, surrounded by an infinite void and certain death is not my idea of a good time. However, it does make for a neat game concept.