M3GAN – Review

If you didn’t make it out to the cinema for M3GEN now is your chance to catch it on digital download. For those that may have missed the trailer, this is billed as a horror, sci-fi, thriller. The title character is an advanced AI ‘toy’, a four foot tall robot modelled on a young girl.

Although there is little new in the story, characters or execution it delivers a far better experience than just being Chucky’s big sister. The plot is thin, as the experimental toy builds a relationship with the curators niece. As would be expected in a horror movie, this begins well, but things go sideways.

The director, Gerard Johnstone, is not known to me. Checking IMDB they have one other film on their directing list, Housebound, another horror movie. Director, actor, writer & producer credits on a number of television shows, including The New Legend’s of Monkey series. There are no big stars, but the cast works very well together. Violet McGraw, who plays the niece Cady, gives an excellent performance. Someone twice her age would be proud to have given such emotional range.

Practical effects have Moto Effect studios to thank for the great looking M3GAN animatronics. A blend of an actor in costume, digital visual effects and the animatronic combine extremely well to bring the character to life. Weta workshop was also involved in some of the practical effects, which the only big name I could attach to this great work. The director of photography, Peter McCaffrey, has brought his knowledge and style to give a really interesting pallet to the look of the whole story. His past credits include X and Cowboy Bebop.

M3GAN is a well paced story with enough bumps and scares to be classified as a horror. The gore level is pretty light, though some of the dark situations will upset a few animal lovers. Early setups play out well, some of which even I did not see coming.

Although M3GAN will not win any awards, it is a well crafted film worth your time to watch. And of course, the sequel is already in pre-production. It’s a fun ninety minute plus ride that would be worth renting.

8/10 star rating






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